Message from Our Founder

I am very pleased to invite you to join our global community. DJEC is a platform for applying to Chinese Universities

Established to help international students to study in China, it is the platform authorized by the largest number of China’s Universities to help international applicants directly get admissions for studying in China. We understand what it’s like for you to come and study in China

Our vision is that every student, like you, should have the opportunity to study abroad in China. We believe in pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

The world, China, educational system and technology are all going through a period of rapid and profound change. Through all of these changes, studying abroad and particularly China, is becoming more and more valuable. As a way for you to grow and understand more about the world and become a global citizen ready to take on challenges and opportunities of our exciting modern era.

We do our best to provide high quality service to you. From choosing universities, through the application process, and through connecting you with opportunities and assistance to help make sure your experience in china is a happy and successful one.

We hope that we can help make your dreams a reality.

Collins Ndukwe

Co-Founder/ CEO